access your subconscious mind power

Accessing Your Subconscious Powers

Tell me – who wouldn’t want to acquire the secrets of accessing the powers of their subconscious mind? Anybody would, correct? People are struggling on minor issues in their lives, let alone the major issues. The primary hurdle in everybody’s path to better their lives is they, themselves. Sounds weird? I’ll expand on it.
People always encounter two voices – external and internal – and they both form a part of their subconscious beliefs. External voice is the voice of the environment and society at large (it includes your family members too). Anybody can overcome this if they are determined to lead a life of significance. However, your inner voice is your own small voice which stops you from achieving big things in life. That’s harder to overcome. It requires a massive will power to overcome it and lead your life the way wise people like Socrates and Napoleon Hill have lead. This is possible only if you are able to reprogram the subconscious mind fast. Here are some tips that will help you access your subconscious mind powers:

Drop Self-Limiting Beliefs

Self limiting beliefs can be defined as those beliefs that do not let us advance in any sphere of our life. Such beliefs are detrimental to the development of our mind, in general. These need to be dropped at the earliest.
Get in a habit of:

– Writing your goals on paper,
– Reading your goals 2-3 times daily,
– Develop emotions and feelings towards your goal,
– Stand by those emotions for a few weeks,
– If a negative thought flashes, reject that thought (that’s what the conscious mind is for – to select and reject!).
Follow these 5 steps and you should be able to shed self destructing thoughts for good and walk towards an abundant future.


The process of visualization can greatly help you to tap into the powers of your subconscious mind. Very few understand this with precision. Before visualizing anything, one needs to be in a state of happiness and gratitude. You cannot be frustrated and then hope that if you visualize, you will be able to see results.
Process of visualizing:

– Choose a silent environment,
– Be alone without any potential distractions,
– Close your eyes and imagine you owning the thing and experiencing it,
– Let your mind fill with good thoughts – let it continue for at least 5 minutes and increase as days go by.
When you stop visualizing then take action towards your dreams, so that whatever you have experienced becomes a reality. You will be able to achieve your goals only if you have a burning desire and a passionate reason. Else all this is vain.